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17 March 2008 @ 09:37 pm
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s been a long busy day here. I spent the morning working on (blessedly uncomplicated) line edits, and then went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, where I watched just enough of the parade (ie, about 3 minutes) to determine that Military Kit was not amongst the army folk, and then I slipped away from the barrier and spent the next couple hours going up and down Patrick Street taking lots of pictures. A sampling:

I took a picture of a guy with a microphone, who turned out to work for Cork96 FM, and who asked me where I was from, whether I was here just for St Patrick’s day, whether I liked Ireland once he learned I’d been living here a while, what I thought of the parade, and whether we had St. Paddy’s parades in Alaska. Then he sent me on my way with a gift bag from HMV, who must’ve been sponsoring the station being there, and so I came home with the Simpsons movie (er, anybody want it? because I don’t), Casino Royale, and Superman Returns on DVD. I thought that was rather worth what I paid for ‘em. :)

I’d intended to do more work when I came home, but I sort of spent several hours editing photos instead. And then I was weak, and created a flickr account instead of coping with managing my own photo gallery anymore. Maybe it’ll help me do photo posts regularly. Maybe it won’t. (Bet not, not until the books are done.) But yeah. It’s been a good day. I needed a good day.

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dsgood on March 18th, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
However: the Highlanders came from Ireland. (Or, more likely, their culture came from there with newcomers who absorbed the already-there locals.)

And Irish tartans are as authentic as Lowland Scots tartans.

Note: I'm entitled to wear several tartans. The American Bicentennial Tartan, of course (considered by some to be the ugliest tartan, but others consider it less ugly than some Canadian tartans.) My grandparents were Yiddish-speaking subjects of the Czar, and if a Scot has served in any country's armed forces, citizens of that country are entitled to wear his tartan -- so I probably have the pick of several from that source. I'm not sure which Canadian provincial tartan I'm entitled to.

A quick google doesn't turn up any Jewish tartan; but does suggest using the Glasgow district tartan.