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things i need…

Things I need to write that are not actually words in a book but which are none-the-less work-related writing and which keep piling up not that that’s bad it’s just that I’m feeling snowed under so maybe if I get some of them done I’ll feel less so, and if this is avoidance for the line edits, well, too bad:

- quick note to the Dabels
- paranormal romance blog
- author introduction blog
- synopsis blog
- comic book blog

We went to see the Spiderwick Chronicles movie this morning. It’s quite wonderful. One does automatically want to compare it to Labyrinth, but that’s not any more appropriate than comparing Stardust to Princess Bride. Go see it, if you haven’t, because it’s well worth it.

We also went to see 10,000 BC yesterday. We expected it to be bad, of course. We didn’t expect it to be *boring*. My god. That was an 80 minute movie stuffed into 2 hours. Gah.

ytd wordcount: 93,600
miles to Minas Tirith: 185
music in my head: Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now

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