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The artist in yesterday’s post is Gabriele Dell’otto, which, well, of course, that makes perfect sense now that I know who it is (he’s the guy who did the relatively recent SECRET WARS miniseries, that lush fully painted OMG gorgeous story). The piece art was *for* Emanuele, not by him. :) Anyway, there’s a fan site at, where more utterly gorgeous artwork can be drooled over. The sketches galleries are my favorites, ’cause that’s where all the stuff he’s done for fans is. Rawr. And a shout-out to april-art, whose search fu was mighty enough to figure this out!

Let’s see. I have cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, my office, my computer-room desk, done laundry, walked extensively, and attacked the back garden (which, after about four hours, defeated me. It is now Ted’s turn. I have done quite a lot back there, but it’s so awful that until it’s been gone after a second time it doesn’t look like much has been done. It’s very discouraging. Ted discovered the same thing, so we have to trade off to survive it.). Ted has cleaned the living room and swept the downstairs, cooked delicious dinners, helped fold laundry, and brought me to a movie.

(”In Bruges”, which was…very good, really, but I don’t want to see it again. Colin Farrell is both a fine actor and laugh-out-loud cute when he wants to be. Especially in those glasses. OMG. *laugh* So cute. But my goodness, that movie turned out dark. Good, but dark. And ooky. Good, but dark and ooky. Okay, now I’m parodying something and can’t remember what. Possibly “Sliding Doors”. We also saw “The Accidental Husband”, in which Jeffery Dean Morgan is worth the price of admission, which is good, because the movie falls a little flat. I never quite bought Uma Thurman’s character, and I can’t decide if it was her portrayal or the writing.)

Teh intarwebs, which have of late been boring me, have coughed up some special doom on a stick certain to keep me entertained for far longer than I should stay at a computer in the form of Tv Tropes. This is the best stuff ever. :) I’ve found Jim’s books referenced at least four times. :)

Also, via S.C. Butler, how Gary Gygax created the world we know today. Not that this is news to me, or, in fact, to probably many of the people reading this, but it’s just another reminder that we geeks won. RIP, Gary. You changed all of our lives.

Ted made … I forget what. Some kind of Chinese chicken dish. I had leftovers for lunch, and asked him what one of the components was, and he said, “Bamboo shoots.” Quite naturally, I stared at it a moment, then said, “I’m a panda!” and gobbled it up. That was funny when I did it, but for some reason about three minutes later it came back to haunt me and I ended up laughing so hard I cried. Ted thought I’d lost my mind. :)

thinks to do tomorrow (because I am trying to instigate the idea of a *weekend*, and therefore am not doing them today):

- email les
- email barb
- email matrice
- …I know I’m forgetting things…

ytd wordcount: 81,600
miles to Minas Tirith: 168.9

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