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I have been out in the garden, losing the good fight, and now it’s pouring rain (as opposed to only spitting it, which it’s been doing for most of the time I was out there), so I’ve slunk inside until the rain lets off, and give you a silly quiz instead of any real content:

- June 1 -
You are stylish, friendly and funny. You have the potential to think deeply and rationally and you always have time for your friends.
Positive Traits:

determination, self-confidence, willpower, dignity, originality

Negative Traits:

stubborn, willful, over-sensitive, arrogant, lack of foresight

‘What does your Birthdate mean?’ at

Well, parts of it are accurate….

I reached 70K on TPC yesterday. That’s theoretically the halfway point. I am now attempting to Make The House Right so that I can go into my office five days a week for the next two weeks and write like holy living hell so I can try to have the rough draft of this book done before P-Con. Of course, if I succeed I may be in no mental state to *be* a guest of honor, but I usually do manage to get by if I have an audience.

Anyway, I guess trying to make the house right includes attacking the garden, which is attacking back at full strength. I think the rain’s let up, so I’m going to go back out there. Later I’ll do something easy, like tidy my office (that really is easy. I keep my work space surprisingly neat).

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