kit (mizkit) wrote,

*vaguely amused*

I had a dream a couple of nights ago, the only bits of which I remember were 1. standing amongst literally thousands of fallen books (specifically SF/F books. I recognized cover art), trying to slog my way…well, to the bathroom, I think, because now that I think about it a lot of my dreams were revolving around going to the bathroom, thanks to an over-full bladder. But anyway, staggering and slipping on books, trying to work my way through them. When I woke up I thought, well, *that* didn’t need much interpreptation, did it. :)

The other bit I remember was having a rather soft silky but unquestionably present mustache, about which I was not happy, and especially not happy that no one had *mentioned* to me that I’d grown a mustache. According to the intarwebs, a woman dreaming she has a mustache “indicates that you are expressing your power through your words and your verbal expression.”

Now I’m amused. :)

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