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thursdays start my week

I have, for years and years now, kind of considered Thursday to be the start of my week. This is because Shaun and Ted so frequently worked weekend hours, so they often had Tues/Weds off, and I would just work to that schedule, pretty much. Shaun, though, moved away two years ago (wow, snif!), and Ted is now looking at Monday-Friday day jobs. My schedule may finally return to what the usual working world’s is. *boggle*

Stupid hand is improving. My *temper* is fragmenting as the days go by and my typing continues to be inept and I get further and further behind, but my hand is getting better. Kate came by last night and was gratifyingly horrified at its color, which is yellow with dramatic purple highlights where the deeper bruising is still coming up, but it’s much better. I think, though, that I won’t be able to participate in kendo this weekend either, which is annoying. But I’m trying VERY VERY hard not to overdo it and let the fricking thing heal so that maybe by Monday I’ll be able to really go back to work. *radiates frustration*

The wonderful bright red has washed out of my hair and now I hate it. I am trying to keep myself in mind of the fact that what I am frustrated with is my hand and the inability to work, not my hair, and that going and cutting it all off will not actually make me any happier with my hair, my hand, or my work.

People are getting notifications that HOUSE OF CARDS is shipping! That’s good. And I have finally packaged up all the books I was supposed to send people three weeks ago and will put them in the mail as soon as I’m done writing this blog.

chance stuff
- get my feet under dealing with Chance covers
- pursue any Chance notes that have not been pursued
» notes for Ardian
» still with the 4th issue page 1 sketch
» get issue #1 uploaded for the Dabels by Fri
- answer Dabel Bros email
- answer jason’s email
- email the team with a status update
- continue to search out artists
- *try* to get Chance #6 written

writer stuff
- get books into the mail
- read HoF revision letter

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