kit (mizkit) wrote,

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Ted, hero of the revolution, got all my email off the old hard drive. He also took me out to see the new National Treasure movie last night, which wasn’t any better than the first one, but which was equally enjoyable in that utterly frivolous Saturday afternoon popcorn matinee way. I liked it, and I like my husband even more, for getting me out of the house. He’s a very good Ted.

I finally looked at the line-up of potential panels for P-Con and 95% of them I either wanted to be on or attend, which I thought was fairly awesome. It’s going to be a good convention!

The hand is slowly improving. It’s pretty yellow, and I thought maybe I’d try having it unwrapped today. Then I got some aspirin out and in the usual fashion tried to fold my ring and pinky fingers down to hold the pills in my palm while I put the lid back on the bottle, and went AAAAAAAGH with the ow. So I wrapped it again. *squinchy face*

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