kit (mizkit) wrote,

Day Three: Triumphant!

Somewhere around noon today I realized that I was halfway done with this Writing Blitz, which cheered me up quite a bit. And now I’m 3/5ths done, and am feeling quite Blitzy!

Had a bit of a panic when a scene that I hoped would take me through to the end of today’s wordcount didn’t, and left me 500 words shy. But I managed to get the next scene started, and made it to 5K.

Furthermore, unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong, I have moved well past the 1/3rd mark. Things don’t typically go horribly wrong with my expected wordcount (except the event that I intended to end THE QUEEN’S BASTARD with is still a hundred pages away in book two), so hopefully I’m correct about where things stand. o.o

In not-writing-news, we went out to lunch with Sammy and Myles and Oscar, which was verra nice. Good to get out of the house. Good to talk to people who are not in my head. Good good good. :)

ytd wordcount: 62,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 95

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