kit (mizkit) wrote,

oi with the weather already

It’s completely miserable out, dumping rain and gusting wind with a vengeance. In response, I have decided to wear floppy pants and a floppy t-shirt all day and pretend I have no reason to go out of the house. This decision has nothing to do with all my jeans being in the washing machine or dryer right now, of course.

(I do need to leave the house. There’s the matter of the compost bin, and perhaps more importantly right now, a matter of finding something to help negate the effects of the cold I appear to have come down with. My oatmeal this morning tasted fairly disgusting, and I was concerned until it occurred to me that I can’t smell much of anything and therefore presumably can’t taste much either.)

I thought, though, that it would be nice not to dwell on the awfulness, so here’s a photo of yesterday morning’s sunrise. :)

Off to work now.

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