kit (mizkit) wrote,

busy day

On a list of things I never, ever thought I’d hear anyone say:

I actually thought of you briefly while I was watching a naked man wrestle my cat for rope.

No one’s life can be all bad, into which a comment like that falls. :)

Today has been extremely hectic. I got up and gymmed (I don’t care about peak and off-peak hours. I want Music Blasting From Overhead Speakers and No Music Blasting From Overhead Speakers hours. A gym membership is a luxury item. If people can afford that, they can afford a freaking MP3 player, and then I don’t have to suffer with the gym’s inevitably *very* bad taste in music. *snarl*), which, aside from the parenthetical snarl, was good. I may be crippled tomorrow, but today it was good. :)

Stopped at the store to get brown sugar for my oatmeal before I came home. Came home. Made bread and oatmeal. Left the house to shop. Shopped. Returned home with a variety of veggies, and chicken, to grill for dinner, and some other basic sundries (I don’t know when strawberries became a basic in my life, but it’s probably a good development).

Spent a good bit of the afternoon waiting for the estate agent to show up and look at the place as it was said they’d do today. Installed printer drivers on the new computer so I could print the letter of Stuff That’s Wrong to give to the estate agent. Eventually gave up on the estate agent and went to work.

This, of course, caused him to arrive. He glanced around. We discussed a couple of the Things That Are Wrong, had a look at the back garden, I gave him a copy of URBAN SHAMAN and signed it for him, which he thought was very exciting indeed, and, prize in hand, he scurried off. I went back to work. :)

I actually reached quota today, which, given that I didn’t start writing until 3pm, surprises and pleases me. And it means I’ve written 40,000 words this year, which isn’t bad, for the 30th of January.

ytd wordcount: 40,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 77.8

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