kit (mizkit) wrote,


Online conversation with a friend just now:

P says “I want to tell you this story.”
P says “So I’m in Borders, just browsing.”
P says “Nice guy comes up to me (who works there) and asks if I need any help.”
P says “I say, yes, as I’m in the F&SF section, does he have a recommendation for something good.”
P says “He asks what genre. I say something alternative, contemp or near contemp, with magic.”
P says “He immediately grabs Heart of Stone and says, ‘Read this.’”
P says “I say, “Is it good?”"
P says “He says, “It’s great.”"

So P bought it.

*beams lots*

ytd wordcount: 36,700
miles to Minas Tirith: 71.9

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