kit (mizkit) wrote,

I do not want to work today, said little Peggy Ann McKay

Feeling quite sullen about the whole prospect of working today. Slogged out three or four hundred words that seemed, as did the rest of the scene, all wrong, and in a fit of despondency went to see what the stupid synopsis said about this general scene.

It said, not quite in these words, “Actually, Catie, you’re pretty much on the right track here. You do need to go back and add in another supporting scene after X but before Y (besides the two or three other supporting scenes that need to be added in), and it’s true this scene you’re working on has come about a little differently than it’s written in the synopsis, but the idea of it is more or less what you’re doing. It might be more tantalizing to rewrite it as it is in the synopsis, but that *also* requires more backstory, which is not necessarily bad, and should be considered.”

And now, as I’ve been typing that, I’ve suddenly had the first moment of “Oh God, I don’t have enough room in this book to fit everything in,” combined with its 180 degree polar opposite, “Christ, I don’t have enough story to fill up this book.”

That, despite what you may think, is almost always a good sign. I almost always have this moment in books. It generally means I in fact have the right amount of material and it’s all going to work out.

Excellent. Now that I’m feeling better about the book (which, with an additional 1000 words, will be 25% finished), we’re going out to lunch with natural20 and irishkate, assuming the latter is not so late as to actually miss lunch. :)

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