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We are not having especially good luck with computers in this house. I don’t want to turn my new one on until I’ve got a heavy-duty surge protector, which I keep forgetting to buy, and today the power button on Ted’s computer, which had been broken before, ceased to work entirely. The piece can be replaced, but whether we can find a replacement remains to be seen. *headdesk*

I keep forgetting to mention that I actually *have* been practicing my tin whistle! It sounds more like music if I cheat and look at the fingerings, but I’ve been working really hard on actually re-learning to read music, and aside for everything above high E (I just start panicking at that point, unable to remember what notes those are supposed to be, much less how to play them), I’m getting the hang of it again. Of course, I’ve got virtually no recollection of what the different note, er, notations, mean, and I’m not fast enough to make anything sound really good, but at least I’m practicing. *waves a little flag*

ytd wordcount: 26,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 54.5

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