kit (mizkit) wrote,

my life…

My life is a series of ongoing Thinks To Do lists, apparently. Though at some point here it seems like I ought to reach a tipping point and should stop needing to make them because I’ll have the bulk of the work done and it’ll just be lightness and puppies and flowers from there on out.

- write 1000 words
- respond to some artists
- get FTP stuff set up & email the team with those details
- see if K8 wants to go listen to trad music on friday
- go to the gym
- do some shopping (dryer sheets, something made entirely of vegetables for dinner, freezable storage unit for remaining RB&R, berries of some sort)
- laundry

When do we get to the lightness and puppies and flowers?

*laughs* Via chat conversation with natural20:

natural20: Go, write.
mizkit: Oh all right. :)
natural20: It’s good for you.
mizkit: builds character?
natural20: Well, by definition, yes. :)

I am now cheerful enough to go write. :)

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