kit (mizkit) wrote,

things i haven’t yet done

Things I did not do yesterday and am fairly unlikely to do today, plus, perhaps, a few other things:

- thumbnail issue 4, p1
- email Ardian with notes
- get a much better surge protector
- read the s&3
- get a beatsheet for chance #6 written

In honor of Ted Day, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Yommy. Ted is making red beans and rice for dinner. *tuds of anticipatory joy* And I shall make a german chocolate cake, which is Ted’s favorite kind of cake. Mom and Dad are coming down for the day (and maybe longer). It’ll be a nice day. :)

Hm. I need to make some mood icons, clearly, because I don’t necessarily think any of the images I already have are suitable for moods like “anticipatory”. (Or I could make off with some of the Rogue mood icons, which seems like less effort. :) Later, maybe when the first 5 Chance issues are all done, I’m going to start a Chance mood theme. And maybe do a 100 icons Chance set, too. Because hey, I’LL HAVE ALL THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK AHAHAHAH).

If I was a really good person I’d go write my words. I’m not sure I’m that good a person, today.

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