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continuing the thinks to do list

Today’s not really a day off (tomorrow might be, as it’s Ted’s birthday), but at some point pretty soon here (very soon) I’m going to have to turn my focus to doing something other than writing. I mean, I’m really only writing 1-2 hours a day, so there’s obviously time to do other things, but I have not had a comprehensive list of things that need doing, and without that everything just goes *fwoosh* and time slips away. Annoying, that.

Got to start getting up earlier. I mean, I will pretty much naturally when the light changes enough, but the days seem so much more productive if I’m up a little earlier. Plus if I get up early enough to do my words before Ted goes to the gym maybe I can go to the gym with him and avoid the 2pm rush I keep running into. That’d be good too.

Yeah, ok, I’m nattering and avoiding work. Going to work now.

- thumbnail issue 4, p1
- email Ardian with notes
- birthday shop
- don’t forget to get stuff for german chocolate cake
- get a much better surge protector
- borrow Ted’s brain for plotting
- read the s&3
- get a beatsheet for chance #6 written

singing: You Had Me From Hello, Bon Jovi

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