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…looks like my desktop is probably totally hosed. According to the net, this particular cheap-ass brand of computer tends to go whole hog when it goes: motherboard and power supply tend to implode together or very close to such. The hard drive itself, luckily, is fine, so I haven’t lost anything, it’s just inconvenient to get to.

But given that the computer is five years old and cheap to begin with, I very much doubt it’s worth trying to find the appropriate motherboard to put it back together with. So, because the life of a writer is contingent on wildly erratic paychecks, I’m going to be using the laptop for the foreseeable future. I’ve gotten all my various email accounts forwarded to the gmail account (and I can see how this could be a change from which I may never recover), and the biggest bother right now is retrieving the email addresses of the artists I’ve been talking with. As far as computer failures go, this could be a Whole Lot Worse.

And yes, Nook is entirely backed up now. Oi.

Arright. I’ve written like 156 words today, so I’m going to go make an attempt to increase that by orders of magnitude, and…yeah. That’s about it. o.O

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