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All right, this tags plugin I’m using on Wordpress is starting to piss me off. For whatever reason it randomly removes the tags (or keywords, as the plugin calls them) assigned to the entries. I guess I need to go back through and find out how to display the built-in WP version of tags, or something. *grumble*

I actually practiced my whistle yesterday! Long enough to make my lips numb. :) And I think I can safely say I accomplished more in learning what fingerings are what notes than I have in the previous six months or so of doinking around with it, so that’s cool. I’m finding myself going, “Si-i-lent night, no, I mean, F A D F” (or whatever) in an attempt to learn notes instead of think words. Obviously this would be easier if I did songs I didn’t know, except then I don’t know what they sound like, so I can’t tell if I’m playing correctly.

I got a ridiculously cool response from one of the artists, a pro who’s looking to get back into the business. He’s decided to focus on his own project, but not only did he say I was doing some good solid stuff with Chance, but that he’d be interested in doing cover work or a short story or filler issue sometime. I’m thrilled, and if things develop along those lines will keep people in the know. (Hm, I think issue 19 is scheduled as a filler issue. You guys are going to get me through to issue 19, right? And beyond? :))

I’m really just generally a lot of enthusiasm from artists who are doing test pages. I’m starting to think I’m on to something here. *looks vaguely silly*

Ted’s been making me look bad, so I actually went to the gym today. *does a little dance of pride* I’m not sure the workout I tried really suits me, but it doesn’t matter so much if I follow that one as long as I go and work out. Tomorrow, I will dance.

…damn, now I suddenly wish I had a “The Doctor Dances” icon.

In my continuing attempts to Get Catie A Life, yesterday I went to the writer’s meeting, which was pleasant (I feel a little like the 800 pound gorilla in the room), and visited Sammy and Myles, which was delightful. Their daughter chattered at me with great enthusiasm, and their son gnawed on my knee a little, and we had plenty of time to chat, so that was really nice. :)

My parents have gone off to Barcelona! Lucky them! And on that envious note, I think I’ll go practice my whistle a bit, and…maybe watch a movie. Donno. Something!

ytd wordcount: 15,800
miles to Minas Tirith: 25.8

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