kit (mizkit) wrote,

a day off

I never did get started today. Napping ended in dreams of people asking me about project after project I was supposed to be working on but had never heard of. Ted took me out of the house and we walked down to the Blackpool farmers’ market, which wasn’t worth walking down to because it’s new, off-season, and not well-populated, but was worth it because it was a beautiful day and it got me out of the house for quite a while. And we discovered the DIY store down at the shopping centre has cheap wellies and heavy-duty rakes, both of which are necessary for tackling the back garden, so that’s all good too. And we walked back into the city to buy food for dinner, and generally had a nice day out, and then watched Hellboy this evening. (I love that movie.) So in the end it was a good day.

On the work front, I at least managed to get several emails out and several artists responded to. I think this time I’m getting a generally higher quality of artwork, which is neat. I’ve yet to see anybody whose work has made me go “!” the way Ardian’s initial portfolio did, but I have great hopes for some of the people I’ve requested a test page or two from. So we shall see. Also, one of the artists today is actually a fan of mine, and while she’s doing manga-style art (and emailed to ask if she should submit because my stupid *ad* had a *typo* in it) that’s wrong for the project, we had a fun little chat and she wanted to know when Alban and Margrit were getting together. *laugh* So that was cool. :)

I have a Lucy-cat on my lap and purring at me. And sneezing on me. The one is cuter than the other. Anyway, I take it all as an indication I should go to bed, and so now I do.

miles to Minas Tirith: 18.4

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