kit (mizkit) wrote,

walking & writing

I got a pedometer for Christmas, and today I read the instructions (gasp!) and got it working. It’s rather nifty, with a stopwatch, a calorie counter (which I think runs high, but that’s ok, I don’t imagine I’ll use that aspect much anyway), a clock, and, of course, the step-counter, which appears to count pretty accurately. According to it, I walked 3.6 miles on what is my more or less usual route, which sounds about right according to the rate of speed at which I generally walk. I wanna get up to a pretty regular 5 mile a day walk, but I haven’t been walking much at all lately, so that’s a decent place to start.

And I wrote a couple thousand words, in an effort to reach 10% of the book tomorrow. There’s no particular reason for tomorrow to be the 10% day, except I want it to be, and if I get to 10% tomorrow it seems *reasonable* that I might make it to 25K by a week Friday. That would begin to feel like I was getting something accomplished.

I should go through email tonight and respond to the last couple of days’ worth of artist submissions, but man, that sounds like work.

ytd wordcount: 12,200
miles to Minas Tirith: 13.6

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