kit (mizkit) wrote,

going to *bed*, darnit

Took an oblique look at the proposal revisions (you know, with my eyes mostly closed, so I didn’t have to see all those nasty comments*), did dishes, and partway through the dishes came up with the opening line for the revisions. So I got an extra 600 words written tonight, which makes me really happy.

I am going to go to bed now, at a far more sensible hour than I have gone the last several nights, and attempt to *sleep*, which beloved state has been escaping me for many hours each night while I lie there with my brain whirling as I try to deal with comic book excitement and the sheer number of *things* I’m trying to do. I need an enforced vacation.

In July.

*They are not actually nasty comments. I am being a melodramatic writer type. Neither of my editors is in the least bit nasty. Neither is my agent, even if she is Ms. Jackson.

ytd wordcount: 8800
miles to Minas Tirith: 10

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