kit (mizkit) wrote,

Chance winner!

Neal Levin won the printout copy of TAKE A CHANCE. Send me your address, Neal. :)

I’ve gotten the first set of character sketches back from one of the artists I asked for some sample work from. He took a (!) chance and did a few variant costumes as well as a couple sets of sketches from Chance’s traditional costume. They all look pretty awesome, with one variant that I wish I’d come up with myself. :) There is nothing quite like getting drawings of your characters from talented people. Man. So cool!

I’ve heard from one artist that I’d give my eye teeth to work with, who has asked for more information about the comic. We’ll see where it goes. This is both an exciting and exhausting process.

What else, what else, what else? No, I’m afraid that’s about it. It’s just the words and the pictures, today…

Diamond Window</p>

(this is worth clicking through to the larger image, IMHO)

- write 1000 words
- write cheeky email
- call about a composter
- write a letter to the letting agency
- and, yes, finish the proposal *sigh*

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