kit (mizkit) wrote,

keep me out of the kitchen.

We bought a cute little pork roast to make for dinner. I put it in the oven in a glass pan and roasted it up. After I took it out, I realized I’d completely forgotten to SEASON it. *sigh*

The potatoes turned out to be what the Irish call “floury”, and began to dissolve in the boiling water.

I had a couple of granny smith apples. I made applesauce with them. I burned it.

Each of these things finished at a completely different time, and because the applesauce pan had burnt apples stuck to its edges, I did not have time/inclination to wash that pan and put the green beans on to boil so they’d be ready at the same time the potatoes were. I ended up washing the floury potato pan instead, making the veggies that much later.

Despairing, but confident I couldn’t make anything worse, I scraped the glass pan free of the juice and fat and put it into a cast iron pan and made gravy, in hopes that I might make something to make the bland pork roast slightly more interesting to eat.

My mother makes the best gravy in the world. I am horribly trepidatious about making gravy. I’ve only made it about six times, which of course makes me *more* trepidatious about making it, because I have no practice.

This was easily the best gravy I have ever made. It was good enough to be Mom’s. It made the pork roast taste wonderful.

The apples, it turned out, were barely scorched, and the applesauce turned out just fine.

Still, I think maybe I should stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.

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