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Email from der agent indicates der editor has only minor revision comments on HANDS OF FLAME.

I’m so relieved I could cry.

That trilogy has been the hardest thing I’ve ever written. I wrote at *least* five books worth of material. I rewrote HEART OF STONE three times before it got bought, and a fourth time to editor spec. I had to throw out two thirds of HOUSE OF CARDS and rewrite the remaining third in revisions. I tore HANDS OF FLAME apart six times before I got it right, and at that point I was, as you can probably understand, not at all sure I’d *gotten* it right. It’s been about a month since I turned it in and I have been living in utter terror of having to rewrite it all again. Getting notification of minor revision comments is just…exhausting, it’s so relieving.

(This has been a genuinely weird road, with this series. I have no feel at *all* for HEART OF STONE, and so the highly positive reviews and responses I’ve gotten from it have been just wonderful, if a little mind-boggling. I actually think HOUSE OF CARDS is the better book, so I’m really wondering how people are going to respond to *it*. And after tearing HANDS apart six times and bleeding over every. damned. word. (and hearing that there are only minor revisions), I am halfway confident I *did* get it right, and I think it makes a strong end to the trilogy, and has the potential, once revisions are done, to be better than the first two. But my *God*, what a hard road it has been.)

I’m going to go eat the dinner what my wonderful husband has cooked, and I am going to sit on the couch under a warm blanket and I am going to rot my brain for the remainder of the evening.

miles to Minas Tirith: 378
ytd wordcount: 4200

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