kit (mizkit) wrote,

fan mail

I got fan mail this morning. There are nicer ways to start off a day, but not many. :)

It was posted to an old “currently working on” tagged entry, and that reminded me I hadn’t done one of those entries for…ages. :) So I thought I’d do one before I went to work, because, as you know Bob, it’s better to do aaaaaaaanything else than go to work. :)

January 2008 (200*8*!) WiP:
Writing: THE PRETENDER’S CROWN (Inheritors’ Cycle, Book II)
Revising: THE PRETENDER’S CROWN proposal (turning in tomorrow, Or Else)
Submitting: TPC, in a truly perfect world; Chance #5 to Ardian (it’s done, I just gotta send it)
Publishing: technically nothing, but HEART OF STONE has gone back to print. Does that count?
Waiting: for revisions on HANDS OF FLAME

I always think doing this is going to take longer than it does. Guess it’s time for work now. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 377
ytd wordcount: 2800

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