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I typically do not make resolutions, but set myself some goals for the upcoming year. I don’t keep resolutions, but I’m pretty good at trying to achieve goals. :)

I also tend to be very…work-oriented. (I’ve had people ask me to talk more about my life on my blog, and a bit less about writing. The terrible thing is, I *do*. This should give you an idea of how much life I have outside of writing!) For example, the one revolution I *totally* failed to keep in 2007 was the one that involved getting out and seeing more of Ireland.

So this is what I’m thinking for 2008. The truth is, we all know I’m going to write three or four hundred thousand words. I have to. I have books due. It’s not much of a goal to fulfill my contracts. (I mean, come on, really, people don’t put “get up and go to work every day” on their New Year’s Resolutions lists.) We know I’m going to walk five or six hundred miles, because I’ve been doing that since, what, 2003? Yeah, 2003. We know I’m going to read at least 52 books and that I’ll aim for 104 and probably read around 80. These are the kinds of things that’ve been my goals for the last several years. I don’t really have to write them down to make them real or concrete, but if I do, well, gosh, then those are My Goals, and by George I can focus on them instead of other things that might be good for me!

So off the top of my head, some things I really, really want to do:

- visit Paris
- do Ireland-based sight-seeing
- study Spanish
- draw more
- practice the tin whistle
- join the photography club

Out of those, the only one that gets me out of the house and interacting with others in the immediate is the photography club, and that’s something else I need to focus on. The music, though–there are a lot of trad bars around here, and there’s at least one I know about that’s got a group that’s still feeling its way, so I could maybe nerve myself up to attend and try to learn from them. So that’s another potential social venue, which would be good for me.

A lot of this–and I *know* it, I just have to *deal* with it in a concrete manner–is based on scheduling. It’s my tendency to behave as though Writing Trumps All, and to put off things I would enjoy/would be good for me in favor of writing, even if “writing” is “sitting at the computer sullenly not getting any work done”. I use it as an excuse, and I need to work on that.

So I think trying to achieve most or all of these things would be real revolutions, and a genuine challenge in a way that my revolutions of the last several years have not been.

And this should be the first post to/from my WordPress blog at the new, so click on through to see the new design if you like. I will, oh, let’s see. In keeping with the new design, I will send a copy of TAKE A CHANCE (I have printouts) to one random person selected out of those who leave a comment at the new site. (Wordpress does require that first comments be moderated, and then thereafter you can comment freely, so your comment may not show up right away, but I’ll get ‘em all moderated within 24 hours. Probably sooner.)

Happy New Year to all!

(God I hope this works right.)

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