kit (mizkit) wrote,

oh woe, domains

For those of you who come in through the mizkit domain: yes, I know it’s down, and I’m trying to get it fixed. Of course, if you come in through, you’re not seeing this anyway.

Since I’m at it I’m trying to decide how many of these domain names I’m sitting on I really need. The realistic answer is probably 3 (plus my sister’s Dance of Yoga), and even 3 is separating out and, which are…well, kitsnaps gets updated with photos, but there’d be more interaction if I folded it in to cemurphy rarely gets updated, and I maintain it out of this idea that I *should* have a separate professional account, but I do need to make it more active.

I very likely don’t need,,, or, but damn, those first three are good domain names! Of course, I’m probably unlikely in the extreme to do anything with takeachance; it’s likely that any updates about that project will always take place on or to a lesser degree on So why hold on to it? Similarly, onyourleft and lastangelstanding are attached to dreams that won’t come to fruition for a long time, and they’re just sitting around doing nothing. OTOH, if I let them go I’ll probably never get them back.

God, what a hoarder I am.

mizkitproductions can probably go, partly because nobody’s likely to ever snatch it up, but mostly because if I really need it in the future, I can run it as a subdomain on I should probably keep because I do have books out there with that name on ‘em. It redirects to anyway. Which I may or may not inherently need, too… :)

Yes, well, probably a lot of sturm und drang over nothing. I think I’ll go wrap some Christmas presents.

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