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questions from the peanut gallery

Someone asked if I had any plans to finish CENTENARIAN and when it would be published. Yes, I do plan to finish it sometime (that would be one of the projects I'd *like* to do, but have no idea if I *will* do in 2008). I do not have a publisher for it, nor will I search for one until after the book is done*, because I am not going to commit myself to more than 2 contracted novels a year ever again**.

However, when I do write more on it, I'll be posting it. It's my Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch project, and perhaps at some point I'll be crass enough to put up a paypal button with the story, but mostly it's for the fun of writing it and presenting something directly to readers. There's no real pressure aside from that which I apply myself and the occasional note from a reader saying, "More?" (which is lovely), and after the last few years, having a dilettante project is very appealing. (This is why my agent and editor both told me I needed to get a hobby that wasn't writing. They're so very right.)

Someone else expressed dismay over the Negotiator Trilogy, specifically the "trilogy" part of that, and wondered if there was any chance I might expand that into the Negotiator Series.

No and yes: Margrit's story will be finished at the end of the trilogy. But there are a number of other books I could write about the Old Races, none of which I have any intention of writing any time soon. Maybe when the Walker Papers are done, if people are still buying urban fantasy in that far-off day.

This, you may surmise, is not very much like getting work done. I had better get to it.

*Except for once I've got a proposal together for it, which will happen 2 more chapters and a synopsis from now, there is a publisher I very very very much want to work with who would like to see it, and who wants to see the S&3 as soon as it's available so they can have a chance at actually getting the book...

**Unless ANGLES sells as a trilogy, in which case I will make an exception.
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