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one project down...

Ok, Chance #5 is finished. This is good, because it's the last issue Ardian's going to be able to draw, due to him having gone off and gotten a real job with the Dabel Brothers. I wanted to be able to finish the storyline with his artwork, so I ended up changing the end of the story (which needed to be changed because the story itself had strayed quite a distance from the synopsis) so it would fit into the last issue. I think it worked out better this way, as far as storytelling is concerned, too. And there's one page that's just Classic Superhero, and I cannot *wait* to see Ardian's pencils for it. *beam*

Now to deal with the PRETENDER'S CROWN proposal, which I really ought to do today. Short of a miracle, I expect I won't reach my 300K wordcount for the year, but that's all right, really. It's been a sort of emotionally exhausting year, writing-wise.

I did have the appalling thought that if I wrote the two books that are contracted as due in 2008, did a dozen comic scripts, revised ANGLES, and did just one other project I'd be looking at somewhere around 450K in 2008. That is *not* like taking it easier. Fortunately, I suppose, not all of that actually *has* to be done.

What does have to be done is a shower and some lunch and a bit of shopping for food. And a walk. I think I gained forty-eight pounds over the last two weeks.

ytd wordcount: 269,400
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