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traumatic shortcake experience

Ted went shopping this morning and came back with some shortbread cake thingies they were giving away, I guess, at the market. He ate one and thought it was wonderful, and broke another in half so I could try it, because I was slightly dubious. I expected it to have no flavor other than shortbread, and after it had been in my mouth a moment I realized that it had another flavor too. I expected it, then, to be lemon, which I thought would be quite nice.

Unfortunately, it was amaretto.

My expression must have been MasterCard priceless. I ran to the garbage and spat it out, and drank some water, and then had to go brush my teeth and tongue to get that awful, awful, *horrible* taste out. Ted laughed a lot, I'm afraid, especially when I started brushing my tongue. Oh, *God* I hate amaretto. Agh. Agh agh agh agh *ack*. *dates herself by making Bill the Cat faces*

That was pretty much the big excitement for the day. :)
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