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My nephews are thugs.

Busy day! I got up at *shudder* 6:15 and got on a train to Dublin, where I delivered and collected presents, wrote a limerick for Breic, took pictures of the boys, several of which will be on kitsnaps (kitsnaps for the feed) over the next few days. Breic read me a couple of stories, Seirid snuck in and out being ridiculously cute, Deirdre confessed she'd never made fudge*, and we generally hung around and had a pleasant time for a few hours. Mom and I went out to lunch, and then I went to find Ted a couple more presents which, god damn it, I just realized I left on the train. I hope somebody picked it up and brought it in to lost and found. God damn it. Anyway, and I took Dublin photos, and eventually got on the train and came home to a roast chicken dinner that my wonderful husband had made for me. Been a pretty good day, I must say. :)

My nephews are thugs:

Straight out of the Coombe, said their mother. :)

*I made fudge for the first time when I was about 14. Maybe 15, but I think I was 14, shortly after we moved into Kenai. It turned out very very well. Mom said, "Well, hell, I'm never bothering to do *this* again!" and I made a lot of the fudge in the coming years. Mom did too, but I think I probably made more, at least til I went to college. Deirdre never had much reason to. Still, shocking, I tell you! Shocking!
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