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christmas shopping

Apparently half of Cork had the same idea I did this morning and got up and went shopping between 9 and 11. I cannot imagine the horror that must be starting to swell the streets now. God, I hate shopping. Next year I'm making kitsnaps calendars and giving them to everybody. *squinchy face*

Ted works early tomorrow, so I think I'm going to get up when he does and go up on an early train to Dublin to deliver Christmas presents and marshmallow creme to the fambly, and come back in the afternoon/evening. Which probably means I need to finish the Chance script today so I can at least in theory revise the TPC proposal on the train trip, although I'm sure I'll do nothing more than stare out the window in the morning, and I might not do more than that on the way home. Maybe I should just bring a book instead.

Man. I want a vacation.
Tags: family, kitsnaps, shopping
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