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I am reasonably certain, at this point, that I deleted what work I had done on issue #5 of Chance because it was stored on a memory stick and I blithely assumed I'd saved it to a hard disk somewhere or other.

The truth is that on probably almost every level it's just as well, because if the single page I do still have is accurate, it started the story somewhere I probably shouldn't have. That has not stopped me from spending the better part of 90 minutes trying to find it again, which is *stupid*, but there you have it. There's one set of frames I can still use, and it would obviously be much smarter to just go *rewrite* them, but no, I've been wasting time because I'm so sure my previous material was sheer genius and shouldn't be lost to the annals of time.

It also occured to me this morning that I've made a mistake with one of the characters, but if anybody ever calls me on it I have a good excuse.

Yeah, ok, I'll stop screwing around and go write a comic book now. Slavedrivers, all of you.
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