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I noticed a couple days ago that my yearly wordcount goal was a mere 300K. I'd thought it was 350K and that I had no chance of getting to it. But, well, hell, I'm at 264K right now, and there are 14 days (including today) left in the year.

Pffffsssshht. I can do that.

My walking goal is 600 miles. I've done 566.

Pffffsssshht. I can do that.

My reading goal was 78 books (1.5 a week, because it has become depressingly clear to me that I am not reading 2 books a week, although I consider that the bare minimum of what I should be reading, and have not been doing so for, oh, five years now, not since I started pursuing writing with an eye toward publication), and I have read 83 books. This is a relief, because I'm not likely to get much more reading done this year.

I did not lose weight or get 250 new photos up on kitsnaps (though I got well over 150 new photos up, which is good!) or sell 5 more books. I did sell three, though (the next 3 Walker Papers), and 3 is pretty good.

I guess I better go Christmas shopping and come home and get some writing done. 2600 words a day for the next two weeks will put me at my goal.
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