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random bits while I do galleys

A friend just called up to discuss gingerbread cookies, and in the course of the discussion said he'd just finished HEART OF STONE, and had a question which led to an extrapolation which was quite obvious and fits really well with the mythology of the world, but which I had in no way considered.


I cannot tell you how much I am *not* going to be writing a new story any time soon that explores the new idea.

I just realized yesterday that I've been a Full Time Writer for three solid years now. Wow.

HOMG. I got a ham from one of the places at the market and roasted it up for dinner. Teh cracklins. HOMG, teh cracklins. *tuds*

Today is Breic's fifth birthday. Wow.

...okay. I think I'm done with the galleys. All I need to do now is make photocopies of the changed pages (although the only reason to do that is so Ted can read it, since I've got an electronic file with all the changes typed in) and put the changes in the mail.
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