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I had one of those horrible dreams where it's the last week of classes and you've just realized you've forgotten, for the entire semester, to go to one of them. Except this was worse than usual, because it was somehow a semester and a *half* (it was high school, not college) and I hadn't missed *one* class, I'd missed *all* of them, and I wasn't going to graduate unless I somehow got to talk to *all* of my teachers and explain (not that I had an explanation) and do seven months of make-up work in the remaining two months of school. And every time I tried to go explain something else happened and made it worse and I couldn't get anything resolved.

Think I'm stressed much? o.O

Today is clearly one of those days when I simply have no idea what day it is or what's going on around me. It took me (despite sitting next to a calendar) several minutes to determine that it was Saturday, not Sunday. All I know is that right now I have to finish the TQB galleys (which are...*pauses for 4 minutes* done, at least in the first pass; I have to go over it once more with my parents' and irishkate's notes), and when the galleys are fully done then the next thing I must do is revise the PRETENDER'S CROWN proposal.

I dunno. Intellectually at this point I don't *feel* stressed, possibly because I've reached a state of so much AGH that the only thing I can do is one project at a time and not really worry about the next one, 'cause it's not going to get done any damned faster if I do worry about it. Apparently my hind brain, however, is a little more strained than that.

*whooshes out a big sigh of air* Wonder if I'm man enough to take the entire TQB manuscript out with Mom and Dad's notes and have a sit-down in a cafe somewhere to zip through the last edits. (The only reason my manliness is in question is because it's a heavy manuscript, and I'm lazy. :)) I'd best be, though, because I'm far more likely to get it done if I do that than if I sit around at home theoretically working on it.

The sun starts coming back in seven days. Thank Quantum.
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