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Rather than doing anything morally superior with my day, I have spent most of it working on a web page design. I really have to go back to work tomorrow, but one day of doing something totally for myself has been very nice. I shall unveil it...later, not that most of you will care, because you read this through LJ anyway. :)

I just went and looked at for something, and found a couple notes from old classmates, one of whom said "You look great." When I think of the death of a thousand squees that I would have died had he said anything like that to me in high school... *laughs* (This guy was like the Danny Zuko of Kenai Central High. He was all that and a bag of chips. *Two* bags of chips. He also, in our AP English class, read the part of Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof when we read the play aloud, and twenty years later I'm still blown away by how *incredibly* good he was. *Man*. :))

My sister and her family are vegetarians, so it was something of a surprise the other day when Seirid, the 3 year old, announced he would like a wabbit, and when asked what he would do with a wabbit, said, "I'd fwy it up and eat it with wice and potatoes!" We blame Elmer Fudd. :) (Seirid was also the one, though, who, about a year and a half ago, when Breic ordered bacon & eggs at a restaurant and got them and realized 'bacon' was meat and began protesting, "I CAN'T EAT THIS!", reached out while Breic was proclaiming his moral stance, snagged the bacon, and ate it. We're not sure he's going to be a *dedicated* vegetarian... :))

All day long I've been thinking of little bits of things to blog about, and now that I'm typing, I can't think of any of them. Oh well. Guess that's it, then.
Tags: blast from the past, design, family, funny, growing up in kenai, nephews
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