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cmpriest has just made a switch to posting at her non-LJ blog regularly, and is using Wordpress and a Wordpress plugin to post directly to LJ at any time she makes a post.

This, I think, could solve my problem of wanting to be able to customize my look & feel without having to hassle with comments going back and forth in three different places. I don't care where the comments come *in*, as long as I can have them all emailed to me (which is the problem with the LJ RSS feed).

Now what would be really ideal would be to be able to post everything at, and to propagate all entries tagged 'writing' or 'career' or something to a fresh new blog at

Anybody out there in LJ-land feel like giving making that happen a shot? Your reward would be book acknowledgments, eternal gratitude, and a gold star in your crown in Heaven. And maybe fudge.

(eta: Looks like Wordpress has got mood and icon plugins. Those are the two things I'd miss most about LJ, so I'm leaning that way heavily now.)
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