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V. proud of myself. Got 2/3rds of the way through the manuscript with little revisiony things (it is of course in the last 3rd (which is really the third quarter) that the real work needs to be done, but well, hell, at least I got that far) and went for a walk, upon which I saw sammywol and her father. We greeted each other briefly and then went our separate ways. My separate way happened upon the Cork Fire Brigade sucking water (via a hose) out of the river and then spitting it back in. Donno what that was about. :)

This week I have been reminding myself that cutting my hair will not 1. finish this book, 2. make me lose 15 pounds, or 3. prepare me to do an excellent Rogue costume if I manage to go to Comicon next summer. Also, I am quite sure that it is morally inferior to admire anything having to do with Victoria Beckham, but I can't help it, I really do like her haircut.

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Tags: compulsive hair disorder, walking, writing

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