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I woke Ted up and cried on him and told him everything that happens in the hundred pages I've written since he read the manuscript, and he opined that the thing my main character does that I'm not comfortable with is in fact exactly what she should and in fact has to do. He came up with a couple of good ideas that help explain something else, and then he made dinner and re-arranged the living room. Ted is a hero.

So what I'm doing now is going back through the manuscript to see if I can strengthen things that lead to the decision that makes me twitchy, and what I'm discovering is that quite literally from the first chapter, the support for it is already there. You'd think I knew what I was doing, or something.

The step after that, then, is to take what I've written in the last few days and intensify the emotional impact. Right now what I've got is good, but it's also too distanced, too remote, which works in one way and doesn't in another. I could tell when I was writing it that it wasn't *right*, but at the moment getting through was more important than perfection. Now I'm feeling the pressure of actually needing that to be stronger material in that section, because without that strength I'm not happy with the Problematic Scenario.

And ideally what will happen is that fixing those chapters will either resolve the issue I have (Ted's belief that it's in character and appropriate helps, because he's usually right about these things) or while I'm fixing them I'll figure out what other choices I have. I expect this will take most of tomorrow. There's no way I'll finish NNWM by the end of November, and I probably won't finish the book by the end of November either (god damn it), but hell, I've already deleted fifty thousand words from this book, which must count for something, right? (Ok, probably only...ok, actually, probably at least 50K. This is *not* a good way to write a book.)

Yeah. This is the exciting life of a writer, folks. This is what the glamour looks like. :)
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