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wish me luck

4800 words (or more) needed today. The idea is slightly overwhelming (I maintain 3K days better than 5K days over the distance). All encouraging comments will be met with love and gratitude.

eta: ok, after two hours and two hundred words, I need to figure out whether the problem is that I just don' wanna, or if I've screwed up. Usually this kind of reluctance is a sign of having screwed up, but if I have I don't know what the hell to *fix*. The obvious "this is the scene I'm not sure about" is one that I really think needs to be there, because otherwise even *I* lose sympathy for my main character. And if I have to go further back than that to fix it, I'll...

...ok, I won't actually kill myself, but *fuck*. And if I have to go back that far (I know where I'd have to go to), what the hell do I put in its place so the scenario as written can be stricken? *Argh*.

I better wake Ted up. I need his brain. :P
Tags: nanowrimo

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