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defeated by my brain

My brain apparently had a good talking-to by my body, or vice versa, because I went out the door and walked up the twenty feet to the post office, dropped mail in the outgoing box, and continued up the hill, proceeding to take myself on a three mile walk. I'm actually sort of grateful for the coup, but if I'd known I was going to stage one I'd have worn something more comfortable for walking in than jeans. Still, I got some exercise!

Got home a couple minutes ago and found myself thinking, "Y'know, at this point, I'm fresh out of give-a-shi--" and then my brain said, "NOPE SORRY NOT TODAY CAN'T BE FRESH OUT OF GIVE-A-SHIT TODAY, BETTER JUST SUCK IT UP."

Guess I'm going back to work. :)
Tags: my brain is trying to outsmart me

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