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I'm in an exceedingly good mood this morning. No idea why. Maybe I'm back on track in an Irish time zone. Maybe it's because I had chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for breakfast. Maybe I'm just amused at Ted, who I told I would make get up at 10am if he did not come to bed before 4am, which is when he went to bed Monday night. I got up at about half three to use the bathroom and he was not yet in bed, but by the time I came out of the bathroom he was in bed buried in the covers and still as a stone. I said, "Are you trying to trick me?" and he said, "What? What are you talking about? You just woke me up!" *laughs and laughs*

Down to the last 200 pages (oi) on the AAs. Funny how a person can recognize punctuation as hers or not hers. This morning I'm cheerful enough to not to be adding tart commentary when I come across punctuation that is not mine. I'm just fixing it. But yeah, I just look at things and go, "I would never use punctuation that way." I hope I can get these done today so I can try to finish HANDS OF FLAME in the next nine days and win NNWM...

Anyway, because I'm a nice wife I didn't make Ted get up at 10, but I think I'll go wake him up now because otherwise he's going to sleep through his entire weekend. *zooms*
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