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We are home, home, *actually* home. The heat has gone out but I don't care, we're home and it is Good. We got in several hours ago and have been talking with Mom and Dad, who've cleaned the house, emptied our bedroom of extra beds, put the new quilt Ted's mom made for us on our bed, slaughtered a third of the jungle in the back garden, fed our cats, put up new towel hangers in the bathroom, put a mat under my computer chair so it doesn't roll downhill, and generally been Heroes Of The Revolution.

We spent all the time in the Jim Lee line today and at the end of the first batch of standing in line, they said, "Jim is doing five more drawings. You, you and you, and how many are you? Three? Only two of you can have a drawing." So Ted, who is also a Hero Of The Revolution, chose to only get ABSOLUTE HUSH signed, and let irishkate and myself get drawings.

I now have an original

*beams like a fool* He said, "What would you like?" and I said, "I would dearly love a sketch of Rogue," and he looked up at me (we'd been talking for a while at that point, actually) and said, "I think I could've guessed that one." *laughs a lot*

It's already much too late, so tomorrow sometime between dealing with AAs and writing important emails and things I will write more about today and meeting Jim Lee and I mustn't forget to mention, among other things, the circumstances under which paulcornell2 said, "I've never done this with a woman before!"

And with that intriguing statement, I shall leave you. :)
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