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As irishkate said, "I've paid twenty-five quid to spend the day in the bar talking to friends." :) Which is, in fact, pretty much what we've done, but it's been well worth it. We've procured a copy of ABSOLUTE HUSH, but did not stand in the Jim Lee Line today. We will tomorrow. :)

Today we hung out with Kate (as you might guess), paulcornell2, slovobooks (when he finally showed up!), xnamkrad, natural20, and had dinner with tarshaan, who joined us after work. Been a really nice day all around. Chatted with CB Cebulski and Mark Millar, both of whom were enlightening, and talked with a bunch of other people who either have no LJs or I don't know who they are. :)

Speaking of which, I just looked at my LJ friends, and there are now more than four hundred of you! Who are all you people?! Welcome to my blog. :)
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