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on the way home

We're in the Atlanta airport until about 8:45 tonight. The Atlanta airport has currently won a place in my heart by allowing us to go from one terminal to another without having to go through security again. Also for having places to plug in laptops, and for having wifi, though it would be for the total win if it were free wifi. Still, you take what you can get.

I paused to look longingly over noise-reducing ear bud earphones, which cost quite a bit. So did the over-the-ears ones I've got, but the earbuds cost more, and I can't quite justify buying them. At least not the really expensive ones, which I presume are more worth the money than the less expensive ones. If that makes sense. Or even if it doesn't. :) Anyway, the foam cover on one of my earpieces on my not-noise-reducing earphones has ripped, so I should at least go find a cover before we leave here. My, how random I am.

We had an extremely nice visit with Ted's grandma and aunt, and made an attempt to find Shaun at Powells, but it turned out we were at the wrong store. (We went to the main one, and he doesn't work there.) However, I did sign all the copies of my books that they had, and they obligingly turned them face out with prominent "autographed" stickers on them. A Borders we went to later did the same thing. :)

Arright, this is nothing like writing, so I'm going to go to work, since I've got hours here at the airport, and a power source. *scoots*
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