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I went to the Fairbanks Nanowrimo meetup today, which was fun and inspiring. I'd emailed to ask if I could come, and explained that this sort of thing was my day job, and I got a lot of questions and had a chance to talk to people about being a full-time writer, so that was cool. And I went away feeling like I should do some writing! Yay! Plus, I've gotten 1682 words done today, making today the first actual day I've reached NNWM writing goals. Yay again! :)

I'm going to have the AAs for HOUSE OF CARDS waiting for me when I get home. I *knew* that was going to happen, and I've explained to the poor editorial assistant that there is in fact no way to get them to me before I get back to Ireland, nor any way for me to get them back to Luna in less than thirty-six hours after I get back, so that'll be a bumpy ride, I figure. And...well, I'd say I can't afford to lose momentum on HANDS OF FLAME, but I've yet to actually *get* any momentum, so maybe that doesn't matter so much. Just as long as I get it finished by the end of the month. Oi. :)

We got more Christmas presents today! This has been a very Christmasy November. :) Fred Meyer had a sale on a cute taupe fake-suede skirt and long skinny-strap tank-tops, so I got a very patriotic trio of tanks and the skirt, and Ted got a couple video games he wanted. Those were our gifts from the family gift exchange, and we're both quite happy with them. :)

Ngh. Malingering cold symptoms include a clogged throat and two canker sores, one of which is on the gum beneath my lower front incisor. The entire *tooth* aches from it. I'm going to be really grumpy if I manage to just barely kick this cold and catch another one on the flipping airplane. *squinchy face*
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