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Ted is best.

I had a little book-related meltdown last night, resulting in Ted actually reading the HoF manuscript up to about page 290. The last book Ted read in manuscript form was HEART OF STONE, five years ago, after which he decided he didn't like doing that because the books changed too much in detail from manuscript to publication, so this is a fairly major event. Usually when he helps me with plot stuff he just works from what I've told him, but this time he thought he needed to actually see where the book was.

Then we went out to lunch and hashed out a final third for the book. I think. I hope. A lot of the hashing ended up being stuff that's in the synopsis, but it was a matter of sort of getting it all to fit. I'm working on notes now, and attempting to scrape enough braincells together to actually write something after that.

I had forgotten how much I just want to hibernate in the Fairbanks winter. It's getting dim by this time (3pm) and I'm ready to just roll up in the covers and conk out until the sun comes up again. DO NOT WANT.

And holy moly the cars seem unnecessarily large here! And I have become accustomed to recycling, and it bugs me not to. I have a reusable bag that I carry all the time in Ireland and I haven't been carrying it here and mngh, I have to start, because it really bothers me to be collecting all these plastic bags. Really bizarre! My mindset, it has changed!

Mmm. We are having Thanksgiving dinner tonight, since we won't be here for Thanksgiving-actual. The house smells wonderfully good. Yay turkey! :)
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