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Not 5 minutes after we arrived at WFC I saw mrissa, so we hung out, met other people, went through swag bags, chatted, all that sort of thing, and the afternoon and evening proceeded much apace. The ZOMBIES NEED BRAINS! party was a rousing success, arcaedia and mcurry are satisfied that Ted in fact exists, and on our way out for the evening we met the guy who does all the SF/F ordering for Waterstones bookstore in the UK & Ireland. He saw my name and said, "Ah! You're coming soon to a store near you!" when he heard we lived in Ireland. He's just put in orders for HEART OF STONE, which he hopes/thinks will sell well. Yay!

AND! arcaedia made a successful batch of stew from the recipe I gave her! I'm so proud of her! Yaaaaaay! :)

Ok, zooming out the door to the con. I'll try to post more tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah: I'm sick. Again. For God's sake. @.@
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