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Life is good.

We have gotten rid of the car on jumbletown, where it will make somebody's wife quite happy at having a car and makes us *extremely* happy at not having to deal with it anymore.

I have gotten *paid*, which is the first time I've been paid since, uh, May (welcome to being a professional writer).

My parents are down for three+ weeks, house-sitting while we're in America and then hopefully staying through Thanksgiving.

I have gotten my hair trimmed (by a hairdresser who guessed my age as 25, maximum. That's the second time a hairdresser's pegged me for 25 or under in this country), *and* I have successfully re-done my stripe, which is quite bright and pleasing to me.

My copy edits are all done.

I've put in a grocery order.

We've got a hotel for WFC.

Life is good.
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